About Us

Samuel continues to inspire others.

The association Campaign for Samuel Incorporated was established in 2016 to provide funding and support to not only see Samuel successfully discharged to home from the LCCH but to ensure his quality of life well into the future.


It also aims to provide support for spinal cord injury research including SCI caused by Transverse Myelitis.


Throughout his ordeal, Samuel has continued to amaze people with his strength and resilience and has been an inspiration for those around him. We hope that you also will continue to be inspired by him and that you can continue to support him and Campaign for Samuel Incorporated as the journey continues so together we can build a better future.

Samuel’s Journey

Samuel Thorne was severely affected by the condition Transverse Myelitis in November 2015 at only nine years of age causing significant spinal cord injury and was an inpatient of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for 480 days. Read more.